UK Crime Book Club review

My review of witness x by S E Moorhead

I’m giving this one of my rare 5* reviews because I bloody loved it, clever and unique this is a fascinating read. Well thought out and interestingly plotted with a delightful blend of near future sci fi and crime and excellent read that deserves comparisons to writers like Philip K Dick

Caroline Maston

The other day I finished reading Witness X by S.E. Moorhead and I wanted to let you know what an awesome book it is. I watched Sarah in conversation with Caz (Caroline Maston) a couple of weeks ago and was so impressed with her thoughts and background knowledge that I felt immediately drawn to both the book and its author. The book didn’t disappoint and this is my 5 stars review:

A very well thought out and intelligent novel based in a very possible, not too distant future. Set across 2021 and 2035 this is an amazing crime story that asks us questions, gives us something to think about, and presents us with some no doubt real possibilities for future policing methods. A superb debut novel!

Lucy Sampson