Serial Writer review

Where do I begin with this utterly amazing book?? Kyra, I think, is one of my favourite ever characters. Tenacious, fearsome and bloody determined are just a few of the adjectives I could use to describe Moorhead’s heroine.

When we meet her in the year 2035, Kyra is a neuropsychologist and has developed a technology that can access the minds of the witnesses of the crimes – but, as the technology hasn’t yet been deemed ‘safe’, she must tread very very cautiously.

I really really enjoyed this book. Moorhead’s ability to world build and completely grab the reader, throwing them headfirst into Kyra’s world, a retro futuristic London, was just WOW!! Kyra is such an engaging protagonist. She has her flaws, don’t get me wrong, but that’s what I love, above all, about her. Her relationships to other characters she interacts with – Tom Morgan, Jimmy in her professional line of work is a nice contrast to her relationship with her mother and her niece Molly. Everything about Kyra I loved. My only complaint was that the book wasn’t long enough!! I wanted MORE!! If you like a good serial killer thriller, with a good twist on it, you will not be disappointed! I give this book 10 stars!